Coach’s Update




Hi to all bowlers.

I have been very impressed with our progress so far this season.  The next few weeks will bring some challenges due to many circumstances, including the influence of COVID throughout the competition, the availability of bowlers and the fact that many bowlers are in their first couple of years in playing Pennant.
The selectors have and will continue to make changes to the positions of Skips and Thirds in every team as they respond to player availability issues and the desire to give players opportunities to develop their skills by playing in these positions.  This will bring its own challenges.
It is important that each of us  be continually encouraging each other to get the best results for the Club.  This encouragement must come in the form of a positive approach particularly from each Skipper.  It is imperative that bowlers are never yelled at for putting in bad bowls.  I have personally experienced this in the past and I know that it is not good for the individual or in the long run for the Club.
Yes, it is important that each skip has that desire to win and the skill to provide the feedback that each bowler needs during the game, but it must be done in a way that will bring out the best in each bowler developing a real team ethic.
I look forward to these next few weeks with the belief that every side will make finals and we as a Club continue to grow with our performances both on and off the Green.
I am more than happy to discuss any issues raised here and would love any feedback.