Coach’s Update




Hi All

Well here we are at the start of a new season and our hopes are at the highest for a great season with many new challenges particularly for our selectors due to the increased number of teams and increased bowlers at the club.  But I look forward to working with them with he aim of another successful season for the club.

Having said this I have to start with a personal disappointment.  Unfortunately during my vacation while playing volleyball with my grandkids I ruptured my Achilles so am currently sitting at home in a cast, getting around on crutches or wheelchair, feeling sorry for myself.  I have been told I will be getting surgery as soon as possible but still do not have a date.  Told I would be laid up for up to 6 weeks.

I am still keen to do some coaching even if it’s from the wheelchair but am going to be reliant on others at this stage to get me there as I am not allowed to drive.  My brothers I am sure will help out.

In the meantime I am sure that many of you have started regular training and I encourage you to get into several drills that we have been practicing over the off season.  Included in that should be some throwing of the jack, playing various lengths, playing to a displaced jack and practicing some up shots.  I will also be working with David Crisp and Rob Boffey when they are available to assist with training.

Thank you all for your patients and I hope to be down at the club soon.  Good bowling all.


Looking forward to seeing you at the club



















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