Coach’s Update




Hi All

Well we are at the end of the season and even though it may have been imposed by the arrival of the Covid 19 it is a good time to reflect on the season.

While i can say I was disappointed from a personal point of view that the teams I was in could not proceed in their finals race I must stress that I believe it was a major achievement to have reached the finals in the first place.  It is also very pleasing that the Div 7 side on Saturday Pennant went right through to win the sectional play off and will be in Division 6 next season.   Congratulations to all who played in that side throughout the year, even if you did not play on the weekend, without your contribution we would not have made that final.  So a great reason for the whole club to celebrate.  Also a great effort by the selectors in balancing the sides and coping with the many issues that present themselves during the season.

I am particularly impressed with the many bowlers who have been at the club for 2 years or less and have been regularly coming to coaching clinics and practice, playing as bankers or in Pennant sides.  You guys have been an inspiration to me as the coach and i am looking forward to your next season when i suspect you will be playing regularly in our pennant sides.  Much of the praise must go to Brian James and the work he does with the new bowlers particularly with those from U3A.  Thanks Brian.

Now that the season is done I will be looking at having coaching sessions again through the off season on Tuesday mornings.  However this will have to wait for a few weeks till the current virus situation settles.  I will advise everyone as soon as it is practicable to commence these sessions.  Hoping that it will be prior to Easter break but not sure at this stage.  I still intend to come down and do my own practice on Tuesdays and encourage all bowlers to have a regular practice regime while the bowls club remains open.

I would once again like to thank Rod Snibson and Rob Boffey on the amount and quality of work that they have done on the greens throughout the season.  The greens have been excellent all year and each week I have received compliments from opposition bowlers on the quality of our greens.

During the off season we will be working and planning for the upcoming season and looking at such areas as:

  • The pennant rating system (currently the Tick system),
  • The selection process,
  • Improvements in Coaching,
  • Training for ‘Armed bowlers’,

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding these areas please feel free to speak with me or to send written comments to my email address  I would be very glad to receive them.

I would like to thank each bowler at the club for your efforts and support throughout the season and finally I would like to thank the various committees of the club hat have supported me particularly through my lay off with the Achilles injury and then with my return to regular coaching and playing.

As a post script I would love for a couple of bowlers to consider becoming coaches and assisting me in the upcoming season.  With the increase in numbers at the club and plans for the future I am sure extra coaches would be very beneficial for the club but particularly to me to cover times when I cannot be there.

I am very much looking forward to working together with many of you through the off season and to seeing you at the club