Coach’s Update




Hi All

What a whirlwind start to the season,  There have been many challenges particularly for our selectors.  There have been the issues with extra sides his season, new bowlers to be evaluated and given chances to participate in pennant and the usual bowlers who are not available at any week.

The results show that as a club we are performing very well, taking into account that several teams are playing at a higher level than last season and the amount of first time bowlers that have participated so far.  I can honestly say that I am well pleased with our results to date.

As some of you know I have been attending several pennant games as an observer and coach, and have picked up some places where we can improve our performances even more.  These tend to be in the areas of reading the head and therefore playing the right shot and that of playing as a team.

Starting with ‘Reading of the head’ I have observed on several occasions that the wrong shot is being chosen causing us to lose valuable shots.  It is imperative that the 3rd and Skipper be confident in the shot that is to be played and that every shot is played to minimize any risk.  On more than a couple of instances I have seen us go from 2 or 3 shots up in the head to 1 or 2 shots down simply because we chose the wrong hand.  I would ask for more communication between the 3rd and skip to avoid these situations.  In this I also include that sometimes we forget or chose not to cover shots behind the head which can lead to disastrous results.

In terms of playing as a team member, I observed to many times where bowlers bowl their bowl and then go and sit down till time to walk to the other end.  I would prefer that where possible, each bowler remain in the game the whole time and to encourage your fellow team members at all times.  In effect I would like to see the 2nd helping the lead by picking up the mat and or kitty and handing them to the lead and then giving them their bowl, the 3rd to pick up the bowl for the 2nd giving them an encouraging word if needed, and the lead providing the same assistance to the 3rd.  Obviously this depends on each bowlers physical capabilities, and if the bowler has a device to assist with their bowling, but we must do anything we can to encourage each other and to play as a team member.

In terms of coaching I have observed that many bowlers are not putting their weight onto their front foot when releasing the bowl.  This quite often has the effect that the bowler will bowl a short bowl as their weight is not going forward at delivery.  If you are having a problem with the “shorts” try looking at your weight transfer on the mat.

Thank you all for your understanding while I am recovering from my torn Achilles, I look forward to getting back into normality probably around the end of this year.

Looking forward to seeing you at the club